Yango was a young boy who met Nakiami on her journey to Tessik.

Like Akiyuki, he is a xam'd.

Early lifeEdit

Yango was a young Tessik boy who was orphaned at an early age. According to Yango, his parents died in a train accident because of bombings in the Tessiks. Along with his parents, the rest of the passengers of such train died, thus making Yango the only survivor.

Yango did not survive the accident unscathed, he had believed he was cursed (or punished) for being the only survivor by becoming an Xam'd. It is assumed and referenced often through the course of the show that after his parents' death Yango had wandered without any support.

Meeting NakiamiEdit

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  • He is the only Xam'd in the series that is incomplete
  • After years pass, Yango survives the Pilgrimage, however he continues to visit the Quickening Chamber in hopes that Nakiami will return from her 1,000 year rest.

Gallery Edit

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