"You sit proudly in this cave, like a Queen of Egypt. In my service to you, I shall never know the rest. To prove my devotion, I have stolen this ostentatious offering. But I'll show you things, yoru dark blue eyes haven't seen, smiles like a lake in the sun, blossoming like a lotus. / Sitting upon your great throne, inscribed with a lion's head, skin bathed in ebony light. At times, I'll rise my lamp, and take my place at your feet. This pendant releases the light of Sirius, which your eyes will never behold. One who does not live for my sake, a child of this country will bear this fire within, and herself, freeze..."

Akiyuki Takehara rushes to go to school, stopping by his father's clinic to deliver a lunchbox. Haru Nishimura and Furuichi Teraoka wait for Akiyuki at the school bus before departure. He cleverly allows a unknown Ruikon girl, later recognized as Nazuna, on the bus, not knowing who she is. More and more inquiry airships start to hover over Sentan Island. The peaceful life on this island is disrupted when sudden war breaks out. Nazuna detonates herself in the bus, destroying the school grounds. A glowing substance is emitted from Nazuna before she dies, and it enters into Akiyuki's arm and takes control of his body, as he transforms into a strange creature known as Xam'd.