The Main female Protagonist Nakiami

Nakiami is the main female protaganist of the series.


Originally from Tessek, Nakiami has resided on the Zanbani ship for years. Four years ago, she recklessly saved Raigyo from turning into stone.

She makes her debut in the first episode experimenting on Ututu Seeds, before sensing something and being told to scout ahead to Sentan Island. There, she witnesses a humanform, who is actually Akiyuki, protecting Haru by destroying an attacking giant humanform. Realizing that he has little to no control over himself, she quickly helps him revert back to normal before taking him away for the sake of keeping his true self intact.

From then on, she keeps a close eye on him until he learns how to control it. Soon after the Northern Government attacked the Zanbani, Nakiami decides to go back to Tessek village with Akiyuki coming along. Soon on Sentan Island, they are attacked by Furuichi who also turned out to have a Xam'd. Nakiami and Akiyuki became seperated. Soon Nakiami continues on her journey to Tessek and meets a young boy named Yango who is also Xam'd, who at first sees her as a mean woman but is then saved by her from being beaten up by a few men. Soon after that, Yango and Nakiami journey back to Tessek together. When they get to Tessek and see how much Kujireika has changed Tessek, Nakiami leaves to go the Quickening Chamber with Yango tagging along. As they journey there they meet Zeygand, an old friend of Nakiami's. Zeygand takes both Nakiami and Yango with a new Beat Kayak to the Quickening Chamber in the middle of the conflict with the Hiruken Emperor. Soon Nakiami realizes what she has to do, and she goes inside the Quickening Chamber to tell Yango and the people living in there to leave, because she will close it for 1000 years. She says her goodbyes to Yango and begins closing the Quickening chamber as the conflict with the Hiruken Emperor ends. Yango and Akiyuki try their best to stop the doors from closing but to no avail. Akiyuki turns to stone, leaving Yango crying that he has lost a friend. 9 years later Ishu (Who raised Nakiami when she little girl) comes to the Quickening Chamber praying for Nakiami to come back her one day.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

She has the ability to hear the voices of Xam'd and humanforms, and even knew how to turn a Xam'd into its normal form and save them from turning to "stone".