Kujireik in her Xam'd Form

Nakiami's sister, who is self-centered and jealous of Nakiami for being their parents' favorite child.


In her regular human form, Kujireika has darker, tanned-looking skin in comparison to her sister, as well as having longer, pink-coloured hair.

In her Xam'd form, Kujireika's body turns pink, and she has four blade-like protrusions at the sides of her head. In addition to something resembling a short skirt, green wing-like projections spread outwards from her back.

Early Life Edit

Meeting Nakiami againEdit

Nakiami returns home and finds Kujireika is now in charge. Because of Kujireika's despair, she turns to other methods of supporting and defending her people, thus becoming a Xam'd.


  • She is the only person to have three hiruko in her at the same time.