Takehara Akiyuki (竹原 アキユキ Takehara Akiyuki) is the main male protagonist of the X'amd: Lost Memories anime and manga series.


At the beginning of the story, Akiyuki Takehara is a simple teenager with estranged parents who are thinking of divorcing. He lives on Sentan Island, a neutral zone situated between two warring factions, South and North Government. However, his life is changed forever when the actions of a religious faction causes him to transform into a X'amd, a type of creature created by the fusion of a human being with a hiruko. X'amd are much feared and little understood, and will turn to stone if they forget their true identities.

Immediately following Akiyuki's transformation, the North Government attacks the neutral Sentan Island, killing many people. During the attack, Akiyuki confronts a rampaging humanform weapon and destroys it. Sadly, in doing so he begins to forget his identity and starts to turn to stone due to being unfamiliar with his powers and his hiruko's psyche that struggle to synch with his mind. Suddenly, a girl with purple tattoos and riding an air kayak intervenes and helps Akiyuki transform back into a human, though forced to take him away due to his unfamiliar with his hiruko would potentially endanger those around him. Taken under the tutelage of the girl, Nakiami , Akiyuki begins to live aboard the postal ship Zanbani, but hopes to one day return to Sentan Island and be reunited with his friends and family. He soon realizes that he has a much larger role to play in the war between nations...and the fate of the world itself...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Akiyuki's form as a Xam'd.

After being implanted with a Hiruko by a suicide bomber, he gained the ability to be turned into a Xam'd. His Xam'd appearance is a white humanoid creature with orange stripes, green knee pad-like shells that cover his knees, and a head that resembles a goldfish.

Following abilities that he gained as Xam'd:

  • Superhuman Strength: As a fully transformed Xam'd, his natural strength is amplified several times, and even enables him to jump large distances. While partially transformed, his strength is also amplified, but not as much as in his full Xam'd form.
  • Biological Explosion: Akiyuki appeared to possess this, though it only works against Humanforms. He can perform this by channeling electrical impulses to his Xam'd foe's body through his fists, which makes them inflate and explode.
  • Blade: Whether in full Xam'd form or partially transformed, he can transform his right hand into a large blade that can cut through flesh at ease and even cut up a Humanform.
  • Tendril Attack: Akiyuki can turn his fingers into long tendrils with unspecified maximum length that can ensnare and possibly cut through a Humanform's body.
  • Shield: He can manipulate his Xam'd mass into a powerful round shield that can deflect a Humanform's spore beam attack.
  • Spore Wings: After he remembered his identity thanks to his second reunion with Haru, he gained a new Xam'd power to manifest ethereal, insectoid wings that enable him to levitate in the air.
  • Transference: In battle with the Black Xam'd Emperor, Akiyuki meets the masked emperor on the spiritual plain while their Xam'ds do battle. As they talk, it becomes plain that the emperor isn't truly evil, but just wishes to live. So Akiyuki displays his final Xam'd ability, the transference of his being to the Xam'd Emperor, giving the emperor everything. When he does this, the emperor gains the memories of Akiyuki, and Akiyuki's name, while Akiyuki becomes a masked wanderer, and his Xam'd form is turned to stone.

In spite of his remarkably immense powers, he still has weakness where his experience with Xam'd power and relationship with Hiruko are concerned. If he stays in his full Xam'd form or partially transformed for too long, he would either begin turning to stone, or suffer amnesia where his face would be masked. Even though his relationship with his Hiruko eventually improved, it was still not enough to prevent him from suffering amnesia in the prolonged transformations.


  • Haru has a crush on Akiyuki
  • Akiyuki is the first Xam'd revealed
  • It is learned that Akiyuki does not do well in school (Episode 26)